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Debra & Thika
Vanator is an all natural breeding kennel. We do not use vaccinations nor are our dogs exposed to harmful chemicals such as flea repellents or cleaning products. We believe that dogs which are omnivores and should be fed a meaty bone diet supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables. We believe dogs should live as dogs were intended to; hence, our dogs are kept in packs, but more than anything, they are loved. We do not breed animals which cannot breed or whelp naturally. Our concern is for the well being of the dogs. We thus refuse to follow the latest trends in exaggeration of body type such as the basketball heads in mini bull terriers. Puppies are handled from birth and are kept with both their dam and siblings until they are ready for their new homes. We are member of the Natural Breeders Association. We offer stud service at reasonable rates. We guarantee a litter of puppies or we give a repeat breeding. We promise that we will be available for the lifetime of any Vanator puppy. We brought them into the world and we realize we have a responsibility to both them and their new owners for the lifetime of the dog.
Dr. Debra Venable-Ball, DAN is now offering holistic canine consultations. We offer assistance with animal health issues using natural therapies. Dr. Venable-Ball believes that a dog's body has the ability to repair itself if supported in a holistic manner. Counciling is offered in such areas as diet. We offer treatments such as the Tellington Touch and electronic acupuncture. Dr. Venable-Ball works to support the body as it restores balance and heals itself. When the body is in balance it will not exhibit allergies or skin conditions. Disease is a symptom of imbalance in the body. Holistic medicine encompasses the whole being, mental, physical and spiritual. Dr. Debra Venable Ball received her doctorate in animal naturopathy from the Kingdom College of Natural Health. She is certified through the American Council of Animal Naturopathy.
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Darrell and KenixThis is my husband Darrell and our daughter, Kenix.
ThikaThis is my best friend, Thika.
Dr. Debra Venable-Ball, DAN offers email and telephone consultations in natural health care for your pet. Dr. Venable-Ball is proficient in nutrition and homeopathy care for dogs.